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  • Here, I’m NOT talking about core to core comparison. I’m only interested down to earth, practical world comparison. For that, when I talk about wordpress, i talk about wordpress + wp plugins. So wordpress = worpress + plugins.

    so compare drupal to wordpress + plugins.

    If a WP plug in takes care of the missing core functionality to whatever the drupal engine does out of the box, I do not accept it as a lack of capability on WP’s part. I’m only interested in “at the end of the day picture”. If I can address that missing functionality in WP -using some plug ins-, it is as good as to me as if it was available within WP out of the box.

    In order to answer this question, you should also be an expert in drupal.

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  • You may find lots of “expert” opinions located here:

    drupal vs wordpress

    Logic suggests that “experts in drupal” may not be frequenting a WordPress forum ( but you never really know, do you? ), but there’s an exceptional amount of reading material available using any, of many, different variations of those key word searches. Perhaps you will find something that answers some specific question or idea that you may have, and that will allow you to make a more informed decision based on the information you find applicable to your particular needs.

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