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    What is it? <html id=”arve”>

    function arve_html_id( $html_attr ) {
    if( ! arve_contains( $html_attr, ‘id=’ ) ) {
    $html_attr .= ‘ id=”arve”‘;
    return $html_attr;

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  • Plugin Author Nico


    It’s a ID on the HTML to increase CSS specificity to avoid putting !important on basically all CSS rules ARVE has. To make it higher then potential breaking theme styles. I had a lot of issues with the themes people use in the past that broke ARVE styles.

    If it fails to create the ID with that PHP code ARVE will actually create the id on body if there is not already one there, if that fails as well arve will create a div with that id around the entire site to get that id in ;). Not the most elegant solution but this way people can actually use the WP CSS customizer and get the expected results.

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