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  1. Tranny
    Posted 2 years ago #

    How is it that All In One SEO still doesn't have support for media pages (attachments)? It's 2013 already, not 2006?

    And why does upgrade to v2.0 not respect settings from pre upgrade? On my blog I have front page set to be static and then have posts on another page. Posts page used to have its own custom title tag, but after upgrade to v2 this title tag is ignored and instead the title of the front page is forced upon it. Do I have to go through the hassle of reverting back to the previous version or switching to a different plugin to make it work?


  2. Hi Tranny,

    We are working on better support for media pages and that will be available soon.

    The issue with titles on home page and blog page have been fixed in version 2.0.1 which was released yesterday.

  3. domisol
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I thought to be the only one who has this problem, but I finally don't feel alone anymore.

    After a recent WP update, all of a sudden, my site became full of duplicate titles, duplicate content and titles too long, and started deranking.

    That's because the search engine indexes the attachment pages ( I have 100 posts and 400 pictures-attachments).

    This has already been fixed in other plug-ins, with a simple check box, could you please tell us how far we are from the solution?

    Best Regards,


  4. We have improved support for attachment pages in the latest release posted today. We welcome your comments.

  5. domisol
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thank you wpsmort.

    I con't see attachment settings in the global settings end either in the single media page settings.

    This improvement is not even mentioned in the new features list on your website.

    Where can I handle attachement pages in the new versione?

    Thank you,


  6. Hi DoMiSol,

    We have added the ability to set title and meta description for attachment pages in the Media Library when you edit an image.

    Bear in mind the only way you can force search engines not to index your attachment pages is to block them in the robots.txt file.

  7. domisol
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi wpsmort and thank you for your fast reply.

    I am sorry, my fault, but I still can't figure out where I can set the title and the meta description. Maybe using the "alt text" ore the Description field? I don't see any "title" or "meta description" label.

    Everything looks the same in the media editing page, is there an instruction manual where I can read how to do it?

    In the future it'd be great to have the feature to noindex/follow all the media pages in one click. Writing a robot.txt file to noindex hundreds of media pages it'd be very time and mind consuming.

    THank you again,


  8. Hi DoMiSol,

    When you go to the Media Library and edit an image you should see the All in One SEO Pack meta box at the bottom of the Edit Media screen. This has the standard fields you are used to seeing in the All in One SEO Pack meta box on Edit Post or Edit Page. You can set the title and meta description for your image here.

    On the General Settings screen you also check the Media box for Show Column Labels for Custom Post Types in the Display Settings box and this will display the All in One SEO Pack SEO Title and SEO Description columns on the Media Library screen so that you can use our Inline Edit feature to quickly set the title and description from the Media Library screen without having to edit each image.

    Having a setting for Noindex all attachment pages is something we can add but Google doesn't have to obey a Noindex instruction. The only way to tell search engines not to index content is via the robots.txt file.

  9. domisol
    Posted 2 years ago #

    You are very kind, wpsmort, but I guess there must be some plugin incompatibility: I can't see the All in One SEO Pack meta box, as you may see in this : capture .

    Fortunately I can see the SEO title and description field in the media library list, so I can edit it there.

    So it's ok.

    I didn't know that noIndex meta tag in the html head is weaker than the same instruction in the robot.txt, I'll make some tests.

    Thank you very much indeed.


  10. Hi DoMiSol,

    I've seen that happen with one of my test sites although it's worked fine with other sites I've updated the plugin on. We'll see if we can troubleshoot why the All in One SEO Pack meta box does not always show up on the Edit Media screen after updating the plugin. I can tell you that if you deactivate and delete the plugin and then reinstall it from the Plugins, Add New screen it works fine in case you want to try that. All your settings are saved in the database so you won't lose them if you deactivate and delete the plugin.

  11. Bernhard
    Posted 2 years ago #

    As the author of AIOSEO doesn't seem to be interested in fixing the bugs that occurred since v2.x I've tested a lot of SEO plugins now.

    My favorites are Greg's High Performance SEO and HeadSpace2 SEO.

    In my opinion AIOSEO up to v2.x has been better than both of the above mentioned.

    Today I started to switch all my WordPress instances to HeadSpace2.

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