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    had a domain A with a fully working website, which I transferred over to domain B. Some minor things are not working though.

    So I went back to domain A which still displays the old website, but with a 404 error – Page not found.

    When I try to login at A/wp-admin it just redirects me to B/wp-admin.

    Is this a default behaviour of the duplicator plugin, or did I do something wrong within the installer.php settings ?

    How do I access the site on domain A ?

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  • Hey Randall,

    The Duplicator is designed to be self-contained meaning that if you create a package on Site A then run the installer and package at the new location on Site B, it has no knowledge/dependencies/hooks on Site A as the package is self contained. However there are a few scenarios that may have played out:

    1. If your on the same server and setting up the database for Site B you accidentally connected it to Site A database.

    2. A WordPress redirect plugin (if you have one installed) may have not properly gotten updated during the install and is pointing to the URL on Site A.

    3. A web server configuration file such as a .htaccess or htconfig setting is causing conflicts on the server. This option is really rare but its always a good idea to double check the files.

    Let me know if that helps!

    Hey Cory,

    thanks for the response!
    Yes, that’s exactly what happened. As I was thinking about it, I pointed the installer to the old database.
    I’ve now managed to recover the old database from the backup and all is working 🙂

    I just did this same thing. I accidentally linked to the original database from site A. How can I fix this?

    Hey Gratzergraphics,

    Here is one approach:

    1. Create a new database for Site B
    2. Place the installer and archive back into the Site B directory
    3. Enter the credentials for Site B database
    3. On step one of the installer under advanced options choose ‘Manual Extraction’ mode since you already have all of Site B files extracted. Then run the installer again.

    Let me know if that helps!

    It gave me this:= when I went to run in after filling in the new database info:

    server code: 200
    status: OK
    No tables where created during step 1 of the install. Please review the installer-log.txt file for sql error messages. You may have to manually run the installer-data.sql with a tool like phpmyadmin to validate the data input. If you have enabled compatibility mode during the package creation process then the database server version your using may not be compatible with this script.

    Could I not just remove everything in Site B’s root directory and rerun the install connecting to the new database? Also, how will Site A reconnect to its original database?

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    I simply reverted to a backed up version of the database.

    Hey Colleen,

    1. Yes you can remove everything in site B and start over if you want.
    2. The database user that your using on step 1 of the installer may not have enough privileges to create the tables. Be sure that user has access to the new Site B database and that the user has full permissions to create tables.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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