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  • Hello, can someone diagnose what’s forcing my (default theme) sidebar down on a new music blog I’m making with WordPress at

    It works today correctly in Firefox, not in IE?

    When I had this problem before on my radio blog, I fixed an oversized graphic in a post. I deleted the graphic, then the sidebar came back up where it belongs. This time, I don’t see any of my graphics in the posts being oversized, the widest is 450 pixels. What is causing my sidebar to drop?

    Thanks for any help/ideas on

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  • Post your sidebar css

    Looks fine in FF and Opera

    I’ve had similar issues before and it was often the sidebar width (plus any margins, padding, etc.). Make some changes, do some tests. That or the main area is too wide (if main = 500 px and sidebar = 200 px and your site is 699 px, IE might mess it up, FF might not).

    Not scientific, but I hope it helps.

    What’s probably going on is some of your sidebar links are “spilling” off the page, ie, the links are too long, and IE doesn’t like that. Try putting this code in your style template somewhere in the sidebar CSS:


    This will let the text wrap itself so the sidebar in IE won’t jump.

    That search form you have was a guilty party once.

    EDIT: Problem solved, for now. It mysteriously jumped back where it’s supposed to be, without me changing anything.

    I was going to ask:

    Thanks for the replies. I am very new at CSS. I’ve managed to use WordPress and make 5 sites without changing much in the CSS. My CSS is simply the Default. I want to learn it but I’m in school for another subject right now and it’s hard to find time. So — thanks to anyone who can spell-it-out clearly for me.

    Where can I put the overflow:hidden code LB provided? I’m looking in my Stylesheet and there’s a bunch of references to #sidebar?

    I see only one:
    /* Begin Sidebar */
    #sidebar {...etc.

    I have a custom-designed blog, and I put the code in the “sidecontainer” CSS. I would guess you’d put the code in the first reference. If you posted two or three references, perhaps I could tell you where you should put the code.

    I am having the same problem, so I will use this thread to ask because I know there are 100s of topics concerning this problem.

    It’s the same with my Audrey Tautou fansite, in Firefox everything looks perfect – in IE, however, the sidebar is at the bottom. I tried out nearly everything, but nothing worked. I am clueless – any ideas?

    Help would be very appreciated!

    ~ Manila

    A possible reason other than an oversized graphic or a long line in the post is a missing (not found) graphic in the sidebar.

    Where is a missing graphic…?

    Probably with the rest of the page… get a 404.

    I had the same problem with my blog. For me, one of the advertising graphics was too wide. All I had to do was tweak the width of my main content in order to ensure that everything fits under the worse case.

    I removed all the pictures from my sidebar and tried it out, but it was still at the bottom.

    I also tried out to put the sidebar into a div-container with a position:absolute, but also that didn’t work in IE, only Firefox.

    Any other suggestions?

    Geez, I hate splash pages…
    OK, It can be anything too wide, not only in the sidebar, but also in the content area – like this HUGE picture

    Oh no, there has been a GREAT misunderstanding 😀

    The page that has an error is ! Sorry.

    Great. Now I tried out so much that it’s not even working in Firefox anymore!!! Ah!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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