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  • podz just posted a message berating unnecessart ‘bumping’. I’m new here, and actually have no idea what ‘bumping’ is. I’ve seen the term, but have as yet to figure it out. Could someone please tell me?

    (I tried to reply to the thread, but was unable to. Sorry for starting a new one for such a trivial thing…)


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  • skippy



    To “bump” a thread is to post a new reply with no meaningful addition to the discussion solely to make that post rise to the top of the list of active discussions. You’re “bumping” the post up to the top of the list.


    It’s when you come back to your own post and add a reply to “bump” it up the line in the “Latest Discussions” list on the support page.

    It’s bad form and it’s also counterproductive, because it makes it look like someone has already replied to your question.

    It’s also annoying and makes some people not want to reply to your post out of spite.

    Edit: Since the bold unanswered posts are gone, it would be nice to have a link to query unanswered posts…wishful thinking, I know…but still nice. 😉

    couldn’t there be a link somewhere similar to what the wench says? A lsit of popular tags as above and somewhere, unanswered threads: x with a link to the list.

    why was the bold non-replied post removed by the way? i think bumping is actuall yok in some cases, i’l probably get shot for saying that – but if a post is made say days ago and no one’s replied it can easily get lost into page 4 or 5 within those days. mostly people either miss a question, don’t know the answer or don’t have time. what i don’t enjoy seeing is bump posts where someone has made the post and bumped it after a couple of hours.

    one other thing – how about keeping the option to edit a post kept for good? why the time limit?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I think it’s a combination of things:

    – the bolded posts going is something I miss
    – the number of views a post has had is also something I miss
    – and if someone bumps after a few days, then that’s sort of okay. What really annoys me if people bumping within an hour or two. It does happen and believe me it has directly the opposite effect for me.

    If someone posts anything, then a lot of people read it. A LOT. Hell, there’s a stack of us here that read threads to get more knowledge to become more effective helpers so without the ‘Views’ being shown, someone might think their post is being ignored. Yet if that was brought back, they might see that 170 views had been done yet no-one bothered to type an answer. So they bump.

    The post staying bold was one incentive for posters to not bump, yet I got berated by one poster because I took away the ‘bold’ by posting and asking for more information.

    I would love a way for us to easily see a list of unanswered posts, but then we already have people who post into every forum here so maybe that would increase ? Maybe we’d see people not bumping but re-posting ? Forum mods can delete multiple posts but right now they are relatively few and we do not like deleting posts.

    My only suggestion is that with feedback from here I rewrite the sticky and I would suggest that all useless “*bump*” posts are deleted so returning that thread to it’s rightful place.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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