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    just getting my feet wet in WP, been tinkering a bit to get my first WP site up… this morning I noticed a file called besucher.txt on my server with my WP files. a search of the WP forums here brought up (one entry where a person referred to it) and it doesn’t sound good… can I delete this file? should I? what is it and where did it come from? all it has in it is a number and my IP.

    not sure if this matters, but I was running WP 2.3.3 until I saw this besucher.txt file and read the post I link to above, I’ve since upgraded to 2.5.1.

    thanks for any help/suggestions.

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  • 1. download that txt file to your hard drive before you kill it. also make a note of the date/timestamp on it (your FTP program should tell you this; don’t wait until you’ve downloaded it to your computer; it will have the date and time of your download by that time).

    2. report it to your web host, there may have been a security compromise on your server, especially if you are in a shared hosting environment. Web hosts like to have all that information so just include the txt file by file upload to them and let them know the date and time stamp it had while it was on your server.

    3. (Maybe this should be #1) Upgrade to WP 2.5.1 as fast as you can.

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