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    We are about to setup a webshop with WooCommerce.
    It should be connected with the ERP Abacus.
    Abacus is swiss market leader for ERP software.
    Abacus provides a interface named AbaConnect WebServices on SOAP/XML.

    We need to do imports of the products into WP, do regularly sync on the customer data and pushing orders into abacus.

    I couldn’t find any WooCommerce addons that could solve this and no good advice on how to do it.
    Did I need to convert the xml to a csv or are there WC importers for xml too?
    Did anyone have experience with that and can give me a hint or even better a solution?


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  • @krysis163

    Looks like you could use the WooCommerce Zapier plugin and then use any of the existing zaps for Abacus to WooCommerce.

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    In the end I did not use any 3-party-tool.
    I handle the import and export with xml’s.
    On WP side I use WP-All-Import and WP-All-Export triggered by a cron.
    The Abacus side is handled from another company.
    We decided to work with exports from last 72 hours changes. So a downtime or a problem should have no affects and could proceed as usual after the issue is fixed.
    The project was launched 1 month ago and and work quite well since then.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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