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  1. bepopo
    Posted 5 years ago #

    nice to meet you.I'm newbie of WP and web hosting and now I'm using cheap shared server.but the memory and cpu usage whom I can use are really low.so I'm planning to move to other places,for example VPS.

    present server is running with CentOS and Apache.but I can not make judgment whether this is the best distribution for WP.I have heard Debian and Nginx is good.

    I create multiple site with WP3.x and put it into practice with hard crontab(I use some WP sites as search engine.).I have at least 10000 visitor per day.

    how do you think what is best distribution for my use?

  2. Best is quite subjective, but these days I find that as long as the patches and kept current then they're all pretty much functionally identical. For that number of visitors you'll need to worry more about CPU and memory in order to juice up Apache2.

    I personally prefer Ubuntu LTS. The updates are timely (I find) and except for an occasional sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get -y upgrade there is not a lot of maintenance to be done on the server.

    CentOS is not bad either; as long as the distribution has good package management you should be fine.

  3. bepopo
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Jan Dembowski,thank you for replying.

    yes,I think so too.but I do not have much memory.so I have to save memory usage and cpu usage.

    maybe I go with Debian + Nginx.thanks.

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