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  • so i was in the middle of updating my site and putting all the finnishing touches, when suddenly everything stops working! i look on my ftp program and check my server and the folder i have my wordpress in ‘blog’ seems to have been renamed to ‘blog.bak2’ it happend once before when i was setting up word press in a folder called ‘home’ it was suddenly renamed to ‘home.bak’ all without my knowledge or understanding. the first time this happend i assumed it was my own blunder, i deleted everything and started from scratch, luckily i found that my hosting provider, has a nice little wordpress install. and so that brought me to re-installing everything in a folder called ‘blog’ mentioned above.

    now, from my research it seems that ‘.bak’ has to do with an autosave feature, of some odd sort. problem is after i read this, i decided to leave it alone for a day… you know just let it save… maybe it’ll fix itsself? but no, next morning its still there. i tried renameing the fille several times by this point and to no avail, my ftp program says that its not a directory.

    so i look around the rest of my server space and find two files i had’nt noticed before. ‘home’ and ‘blog’ no extentions. i decide to back up the files on my computer and see what happens when i delete the files and magicly i am able to rename the folder back to ‘blog’. im excited, but soon find that my page STILL doesnt work, i check back on the server and …. all the files are friggen GONE! i decide to upload the copies of all the filles that i made.

    its still uploading right now.

    the funny part of this is that i have this handle on, but this morning i spent a good 10 mins or so freaking out cause i could’nt log into

    so, do anyone know what in the world is going on here? or how i can keep this from happening again?

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