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    Alright, I am working on setting up my first blog right now, and its not public so I cant link you (well, I cant link publicly here, I can email the link if needed). I was working under WordPress 1.5.2. My average page load time for the front page was along the lines of 34 queries in 0.319 seconds.

    I read that WordPress 2 had just reached RC, and since it has some caching functions, I figured I would upgrade and see if it affected my page generation time.

    I kept my database but not my plugins or themes. So with the default theme with zero plugins, the page generation time on the front page was 12 queries in 0.310 seconds. With my plugins and theme back on, the average went to 28 queries in 0.358 seconds.

    So while WordPress 2.0 definitely uses less queries, there does not seem to be a speed difference on my site for this (in fact it took slightly more, but a negligible amount.)

    I looked at my plugins, turning them on and off, and was able to find which ones added which queries and which ones increase time by how much. I wont go into detail here, needless to say that I can trace 16 queries and about 0.03-0.04 seconds to plugins. I will re-evaluate my plugin usage based on the information I got from this test.

    Regardless, with NO PLUGINS and the DEFAULT THEME my front page generation time is 12 queries in 0.310 seconds. This seems quite high for me. I would assume something in the several hundreths, not the tens of hundreths.

    My site right now is being hosted at e3internet. I though, maybe my host is just being slow. I moved the entire site to a dreamhost account I have with some extra time on it. There, with no plugins and the default theme, front page generation time varied from 0.30 to 0.50. So Dreamhost obviously is under much higher load sometimes, but it still never dropped beneath 0.30 seconds.

    So, first of all, what are your average page load times? Is mine really that high, or is about the norm?

    And if mine is too high, what could be the cause?

    I am aware of the WP-Cache plugin, I tried it out but it didnt work right for me. I read in the comments that it is probably a cookies thing, and I’ll try to sort it out later. But WP-Cache does not have a report to show the time when the page is loaded from cache, and I think while its a nice plugin, I think the best approach would be to write a plugin that either cached the functions like PEAR’s Cache_Lite does, or instead of caching the whole page for a set time, cache every page and tie into the new post / edit post admin interface to know when to delete each pages cache. That seems more efficient to me then caching ever page for an arbitrary amount of time.

    Anyway, off on a tangent, any advice for my page load issues?

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    You’re highlighting speed differences of nothing more than a few hundredths of a second. Anything less than a second is normal, and 0.3 seconds is quite good for a shared hosting environment. I wouldn’t be too concerned about your observation of WordPress 1.5.2’s “0.319 seconds” and WordPress 2.0RC1’s “0.358 seconds”. Afterall, you’re only talking about a difference of 0.039 seconds, which can more than likely be attributed to the overall server load. Is 0.039 seconds really that important? It’s only 3.9% of one second. As far as I can tell, you don’t have any “page load issues”.

    I wasn’t trying to highlight the 0.039 difference, I am sorry it came across that way.

    What I WAS trying to highlight was the above 0.3 count basically everywhere.

    If, as you say, 0.3 in a shared hosting environment is about normal, then there is my answer! This is my first experience with wordpress (amazingly positive experience), and I was just making sure 0.3 was not very far above the norm, because it seemed a little high to me and I had no idea what the norm was. Thanks for the response. I’ll look into caching solutions 🙂 Not that it matters until my site gets a ton of visitors, which may never happen!

    Anyone else want to chime in with their average load experiences?

    Moderator James Huff


    Here are my render time averages from my past hosting providers:

    Dreamhost: 0.700

    Bluehost: 0.500

    Site5: 0.550

    And, here is my render time average under my current hosting provider:

    A Small Orange: 0.150

    Thanks for the numbers. Anyone else?

    Off topic here, but A Small Orange is definitely getting bookmarked by me, they look pretty sweet. For now though I get a business account at e3internet for free from a friend, so until I outgrow them, thats where I am at.

    I beliebe, 0.3 s is extremely high. Just think. This means, you’ll be able to service no more, than 3 individual requests per s. That is, 180 requests per minute.

    However, you should try to run it on a testing computer, like your home one, to see, how fast the code really is. The above data may be including the fact, that the server is allready under load.

    In general, if noone complains about speed on the server, you should have no problems.

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