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  • I am attempting to register a domain name and host. Do users typically do this all in one site? I’m considering domain registry with go daddy and hosting with blue host, is there any benefit to grouping this stuff together? Is there a predominant way forum users like to go? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • I my self register all my domain names at one place and host with some one else that is my preference as when ever I need change host I do have to wait for my domain to be transferred all I have to do log in registrar and change nameservers and my website will live as soon as it is propagated.

    Thank you kindly govpatel. What site do you use for the domain names? I’ve learned network solutions is good. Any recommendations?

    You can use anyone you are comfortable with and at most I pay around 10 dollors I do not know how much Network solutions charge. Registering domain names this days is simple process and I noticed most of them use the same type of system so they must be resellers

    The best bet is to do a little research. I used godaddy for years and had no problems (for domains). I switched away from them for personal/political reasons I won’t discuss here.

    I have a couple of names on bluehost, also fine

    And I have many on namescheap, honestly, my fave. Cheaper, simple, etc. I’ll probably eventually end up totally on namescheap for simplicity

    The real gist is, to just do a bit of research to make sure you are sending your loot to a reputable company, who you don’t mind supporting

    The biggest reason why I stick with one provider for both domains and hosting is that I prefer to only deal with a single organization. I can renew/purchase, set up, and troubleshoot, with one phone call.

    For some, that minor hassle might not matter.



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    There’s also the issue that with 2 providers (1 for domain, another for hosting) they can can buck pass between themselves if/when there is a problem. At least with 1 provider, you know exactly where the buck stops – which I prefer too.

    All my domain-names are hosted at Godaddy. All my websites are hosted on my own Plesk VPS (Virtual Private Server). So I’m my own hosting company/admin and I’m my only client. I can create up to 10 user accounts. Setting it up was easy and only $90 for the first year and $180/year after that.

    For domains Godaddy is great. The system is fully automated 24×7 and they’ve got a great app which enables you to manage everything from your Mobile Device.

    I somehow didn’t like Godaddy as web-host and I don’t like their agressive selling methods in general.

    To answer the question on the title: The preferred registrar is absolutely not Bluehost. Their agents are even not able to explain how you can get a verification code to transfer your domain from a hosting company to another. The live chat may cost you hours and hours and it can be stopped suddenly without any solution and explanation. I doubt about the championship of Bluehost on wordpress list.

    Sounds like you’ve had a bad experience, elbesoturco. You may want to contact them and give them feedback on it, because I’ve never had such problems. BlueHost has been excellent for me. All the domain management is in one place, and I don’t have to have multiple logins or jump around all over the place to try to point NameServers, get my transfer code, or transfer a domain, etc.

    I prefer to have my hosting and registration under one roof so if there’s a problem, I know exactly who to contact, but splitting them up can be nice sometimes if there’s enough of a cost difference.

    I use none of the above. I build my own VPS, I can have as many accounts, sites and whatevers as I like. It all works like a dream 🙂

    If you want to just dabble, then they all much of a muchness out there. Then if you want to step it up a gear, try to find a good techy and build a relationship with them.


    I have many domains which I have hosted with AccuWebHosting

    You can see more details from their site.

    They offer many facilities like Domain Registration, Windows VPS, Windows Hosting, ASP.Net Hosting & More.

    Moreover they give 24 X 7 X 365 Live Chat support also.

    I will prefer you to go with them.




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    If you want to use WordPress, you would be far better using *nix hosting – not Windows.

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    Gentle reminder: Please avoid hosting recommendations. I know it’s annoying, but it becomes a spam-fest.

    And yes, use *nix.

    What is nix hosting?



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    Unix or Linux hosting.

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