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  • Hi I have looked around and found a couple of “rate my post” plugins. None of them do exactly what I was hoping for. Can you please give me some advice?

    I would like visitors to be able to “agree” or “disagree” with a post, and have the result displayed as a percent.

    For instance, if 6 people clicked “agree” and 4 “disagree” it would display “60%” as the amount of people who agreed with the post.

    This is the closest one I found, but it doesn’t display as a percent, just a number of “agree” votes. … not quite!

    Any plugin that there works like this or could be configured rather quickly to work like this?

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  • I just started looking for the same thing. I’ve used gd-star-rating before (older versions) and I don’t think it has quite the functionality I’d like. It allows you to rate a post, but what I am looking for is more binary. I want users to have a choice between “Agree” and “Disagree” rather than a spectrum making them decide how much they agree.

    My website currently uses gd-star-rating:

    I am trying to make some changes to the site, and this is at the top of my list. If I am wrong in my thinking that gd-star-rating can’t do what I’m looking for, please let me know that as well.

    Stoob, any luck?

    You can also e-mail me at Any help will be much appreciated!

    I should probably mention a couple others I’ve tried as well.

    I tried Vote-It-Up, and it is probably the closest I’ve found (even including a widget to show the highest-rated), but none of the options to show the results of voting display the breakdown of how many have agreed/disagreed, which is also important to my site.

    I also have tried WP-Polls, and it wouldn’t be the end of the world to resort to this, but I haven’t found a way to make an identical poll show up in each post without the results for the different posts being pooled together. I could create a new poll for each post and I think it might work, but this wouldn’t allow me to have the cool widget in the sidebar to show which posts have gotten the highest ratings.

    I know it might sound like what I’m looking for is too specific, but I’ve seen multiple posts looking for exactly the same thing in different forums and it seems like something a lot of people will continue to want. I just want to make sure exactly what I’m looking for isn’t already out there before I cut my losses and use one of the plugins I’ve already tried.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

    I couldn’t find anything. So I built it! I have enhanced the “Vote It Up” module.

    The latest version has a “Percent” skin. Install it and select that skin.

    Hi – I really like this plug-in – thanks for extending it further.

    I have a few questions:

    How did you get it to show number of votes cast?

    On an individual post, when someone votes I can see the overall percentage but not the total number of votes.

    Also when using the sidebar widget I can only see the net number of agree/disagree votes. How can I show the percentage there (and ideally the total number of votes)?

    Elliot, Defining Etiquette is actually using WP-PostRatings 1.40. I didn’t see until today that Stoob extended the Vote-It-Up Plugin, so I just used the one I was able to figure out most quickly at the time. If the Defining Etiquette voting functions the way you want your voting to function, I recommend WP-PostRatings and would be happy to help if you have questions. I have very limited coding experience and I got it working without too much trouble, just reading the Readme documentation provided with the plugin and being pointed in the right direction by Lester Chan’s forums (I had been overlooking some pretty obvious stuff). It’s very user friendly.

    But, again, I haven’t tried the new vote-it-up, so I can’t speak for which is easier. If you have any questions I recommend continuing to send directly to, as I wasn’t notified of these posts after mine and didn’t receive any e-mails you may have sent before this afternoon. Hope that helps!


    Stoob, nice extension of the vote-it-up plugin. However I’ve been running into some issues with it. For some reason whenever I make a vote in IE, all the posts as well as any code which follow after disappear.

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