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    What is a good plugin to use to allow me to display some thumbnail images inline in a post? I did download ethan-wp-hacks, but it isn’t a plugin. I’m looking for something that will thumbnail an image that can be clicked to have it pop up in full size.

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  • Chaplin


    There are quite a few, try Ali Hassan’s Thumb in Post
    It creates a javascript pop-up and automatically resizes an image into whatever size you configure it for.



    I use Alex King’s plugin – works nicely once installed correctly. Here is a look-see:



    I’ve been using Exhibit 1.1d (, which does the thumbnails and a simple pop-up of the image. You can see some examples here:



    Now I’ve tried Exhibit 1.1d, thumb-in-post and the king plug in wp-photos. What I’ve now been trying to do is to get in-line photos with right or left alignment. So far the closest one to this is Exhibit 1.1d, which with a little tweaking can supply the requesting alignment option.
    Please refer to this related post. I am going to try one more hack and will update this post once I’ve had a chance to try it:

    I used exhibit i think its the best by far after testing the top 3

    I’m using Lazy Image Layout which is really awesome for doing images in posts. It takes a little while to get used to the syntax but once you’ve got it down, it couldn’t be easier.

    Lazy Image Layout

    Still using wp-photos “plugin” for 1.2 – hoping Alex (or someone) brings it into the 1.5 era 😉

    Just noticed someone was referred from here and I had not updated my archive.php with the hack to display a thumbnail (fixed now) and thought I would post a request to keep this one going.

    Alex? Haven’t seen you around here in awhile.

    I am now using WP-Simple Gallery it works seamlessly with Kubrik and it has a plugin to view images in the sidebar

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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