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  • Recently I have received a couple of emails like this one, from readers of my blog who subscribe to my blog in RSS/email newsletter format:

    “I have been receiving your email from your blog for many months.

    “Lately there have been huge white gaps w/ the msg ‘blocked plug-in’.
    I have a ‘Mac’.

    “If u have made changes to your website transmissions, is it compatible w/ a Mac?

    “I have checked w/ my server (telus), Apple, and Norton antivirus; they all say that it must be a problem w/ the website.

    “Can u help?”

    My blog is on a dedicated server at DreamHost. They suggested I ask about this at WordPress Support.

    Any ideas?

    All my plug ins are the latest versions.

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  • esmi


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    The “blocked plugin” message is definitely not coming from WordPress. I’ve flagged this topic up for one of DreamHost’s WP specialists to have a look at.

    If you mean the twitter ideas site, I don’t see anything at all like that on your blog.

    I do see that you have some ads not showing:
    <img border="0" src="http://www.[link].com/idevaffiliate/banners/120x6002_1_ani.gif" width="120" height="600" alt="twitter tools">

    but other than that, no errors at all.

    I would note that you have 14 plugins in need of updating on that site.

    Nope, sorry I mean my main blog

    All the plug ins there are up to date.

    I still don’t see any big blocks of space.

    However I think I know what the user means by blocked plugin 🙂 She means Flash, not a WP plugin. Basically they can’t see youtube.

    It’s not you, it’s them. Nothing you can do except tell them to try Chrome.

    Hmmm, ok then.

    They’re specifically complaining about “blocked plug in” when they get the blog via email subscription, so its as if whatever “it” is, it is only a problem in the email version of the blog.

    So it isn’t really a matter of what browser they’re using, is it?

    The “blocked plug in” is the wording being used in the error message they are receiving, not their own wording.

    but I will definitely tell them to try chrome.

    Right, flash is a plugin to your browser, you see 🙂 Same term.

    What email subscription plugin are you using? I don’t see one I’m familiar with.

    Ooops no idea — I guess when people are subscribing, they’re just using the RSS button at the top of their browsers, and my feed is sent out by Feedburner. Not sure that answers your question though

    It could be Feedburner’s doing, then. They have been making a lot of changes.

    By the way, you may want to tell your cache software not to cache the mobile pages so aggressively. I got your mobile page on my desktop.

    OK thanks very much.

    Yes that mobile page/desktop thing happens once in a while so I will go in and change the settings in Quick Cache. Thanks again for your help and patience.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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