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    I upgraded the plugin to 14.0, but did not yet select the option “Click here to speed up your site now”.

    My concerns are:

    1) What information will then be stored externally by Yoast on their server? Or in a separate file within my Godaddy hosting account?

    2) Do you modify any of my exising files (e.g., htaccess or WordPress files)?

    3) If I ever get rid of the plugin, what will happen to the SEO and all the externally stored information if any?

    4) A year or two ago, it seemed like a Yoast update got rid of all the past posts’ meta descriptions. Are there any such surprises this time around? And why did it happen in the past out of curiosity?

    5) Someone mentioned that their images were created as 1000 separate pages after the new update, and Google penalized their site. I am using the free version of Yoast. Have you added any new pages to sites after this latest version 14.0 upgrade? It seems like there is a default setting option that has to be changed to prevent new image only page creation? But I am not sure if that is true for the free version of Yoast that I am using.

    Thank you, in case you answer all 5 questions!

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    Hi @androgenicalopecia,

    Thank you for reaching out. Let us clarify.

    1) We don’t store information on our servers when you use the free version. The “Click here to speed up your site” button/notification is showing since we have a new way of storing Yoast’ data in your WordPress database. You can read more about this here:

    2) No, there are no changes in these releases to your htaccess file or WordPress files.

    3) There are none.

    4) We are not sure what your are referring to here, we’re afraid. Since this is a major release of our plugin, we do recommend trying the update on a staging site first, and if that is not possible, to have backups in case something goes wrong or isn’t compatible on your site yet.

    5) We think you are referring to attachment pages, which are created by WordPress itself. Yoast SEO does not create any new pages on your site. There was a bug in 14.0.2 and 14.0.3 that could have stored a wrong value due to a WPDB bug, but that is fixed in 14.0.4. If you update to 14.0.4 and run the indexation process, this is not expected to be on your site. You can always check this setting under SEO > Search Appearance > Media > ‘Make sure the Redirect attachment URLs to the attachment itself?’ is set to be enabled.
    You can find more information about this here:

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, that helps a lot!

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    Just FYI — regarding my points 4 and 5 above, Edwin from Yoast replied as follows on Yoast’s site (I posted there too 5 days ago):


    “The last two things you mentioned were bugs. Unfortunate bugs, but they were resolved quickly.”

    I think in one past Yoast update, all Meta Descriptions from old posts were removed. At least that is what I noticed on my blog and others have mentioned it if you search on Google.

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