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  • I have the same question!

    This won’t be the plugin to do that, at least not without a whole new (exclusionary) feature written for it. It’s an all or nothing deal as far as I can tell.

    Plugin Author Ben Sibley


    I just updated the plugin so you can target all images in a post or use CSS classes to target images.

    By using CSS classes to select specific containers, you can be more precise about the images you target. As far as “removing” a border, there’s no functionality for targeting a specific image and removing a border or applying a different border style.


    could you please give me an example of what is needed in custom css and what extra coding is required in the image coding.

    thank you.

    Plugin Author Ben Sibley


    Sure, all you need to do is find the class or id of a container with images you want to target. You can do this with your browser’s dev tools.

    As an example, you may find a div like this in your theme that contains the images you want to target:
    <div class=”entry-content”>

    In the CSS classes input box, you would enter “.entry-content” (with the period). You could target multiple classes with a comma-separated list:

    “.entry-content, .another-class, #an-id”

    All images inside those containers will receive the image borders.

    I want to be able to decide if I need a border around an image when I write a post. Some images clearly need a border, but others clearly must not have a border for the intended effect. Both WordPress and Ben are missing the point. This all-or-nothing philosophy sounds like something out of Washington D.C. Forget freedom. Though once free to do what you wanted with images in WP, you are no longer free to do so. Is there a tax that comes with this lack of functionality? Ben, thanks for trying, but come on, do you really think the layperson like me understands WTF it means to do a CSS class?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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