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  • Why you closed the other complaint post: is a mystery. I’d rather have one long place to write complaints than a bunch of little ones all over.

    My main complaint: WHY did you/they make the writing admin page so small???? I have a 21inch screen, which certainly isn’t huge. Did everyone else downgrade to a 15 inch? Or is this a suck up to laptops? Yes, I know I can enlarge it to take up the whole screen. That is NOT how it’s going to look in the blog and is also ridiculous. The screen should be flexible to fit the monitor. Nothing new there. There is no room in this tiny screen to put pictures, AND if I enlarge it, the toggle to go to html is gone. Great.

    Someone here mentioned stripping code. I’ll tell you where it still strips it: when I write captions. There is still no good plugin for captions. The amazing Kasia at the MistyLook forums invented a kind of hack that I use which involves entering code on the html side and then immediately publishing. If I have to edit anything on the page, that code is lost both on 2.3 on my one blog, and 2.5 on my new one. So I have to enter it again and again right before I publish it.

    Also, having the tags option is good. However, it doesn’t have automatic memory until the second letter!!! Like for dogs. What if I want to write die? I don’t have all my tags memorized, sorry, so nothing will come up for d. I need to know if I used dogs before. Otherwise, might as well type it, so automatic memory is lost. Also: it’s SO SLOW that again, it’s useless.

    I’ve been searching for an hour to find a faster way for my admin pages. Why should I have to do that?? I’m willing to do that kind of work to hack a theme – that’s personal – but every user of WP deserves a FAST loading admin page. 45 seconds sometimes. HATE. I’ve looked for solutions, asked for solutions, nothing.

    I’ve seen tinymce mentioned, but not sure what that means. Again, wouldn’t anyone in their right mind want faster dashboard and admin???

    It’s a waste of space to have nothing in right hand column in write page, and all the stuff underneath. Also, having a list of drafts was so helpful on the top of write, bad decision to eliminate that.

    I’ve seen others complain, and I quite agree, why have weird popups, which take even MORE time, for links and images? The whole screen go dark? Really? Like it’s a scary movie or something. And I found a plugin for watermarking an image, but still don’t get the whole Gallery thing with images.

    I complained elsewhere that it’s very hard to organize widgets in 2 columns when you can only see one at a time. And the dragging is…difficult, and sometimes doesn’t work.

    Of course, maybe all of this is fixed in 2.6.

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