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  1. germars
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have a site that has a gallery using the coding [nggallery id=45] and it is still working with the version 2.0.27 the way I like. See http://valpigott.com/pastels/. What I mean is, if I click on a picture it opens in a lightbox and you can scroll through the images to the next one.
    However, I cannot see what settings I used to get that because everything in NextGen is so different now, so when I create a new gallery (version 2.0.33) in another site, I end up with a gallery, but if you click on an image, it refreshes the page to a single picture that you can scroll through, but I've lost the lightbox effect that I liked, and was easier for the user. kawarthapottersguild.com/nextgen If I try to use the old code (as above) it still doesn't work right.

    I'm now afraid to update any of my other sites using nextgen as I'll lose the format that the client wanted and worked well. Why did you change it NextGen? It wasn't really broken before. And how can I get that effect with your newer versions? I've searched your site, but I can't find any examples.

  2. You may get quicker answers if you post to that forums's dedicated support forum instead.


  3. germars
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Okay, I'll do that, and if anyone here knows of settings I may be missing, I live in hope! :-)

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