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    I have just come to add a couple of plugins to my site to see has had a revamp and to me it’s a poor one.
    Previously it was difficult to find plugins as the site had a crap search and not filtering but it did have plugin categories.

    Now, all that has gone and you just have to type wildly into the search box to find something and then it’s just a huge list that is not sortable or filterable and definatly no categories.

    [Personal insults redacted]

    For example, with no categories you know have to stab keywords to find something.

    so for example you want a plugin to alter or change a view of a post. So you put view into the search box and you get 549 pages, each consisting of 14 plugins and no way to filer or sort.

    If you want to look at the most used plugins you can not unless you go through page after page looking individually at each active installation. Perhaps I would like to see all these plugins that are actually tested for my version of wordpress and not for some old out of date pluging.. Nope, no way to do this apart from you go through page after page looking individually at each plugin’s “tested with”

    Are there any plans to create filters or sortable by…. After all it’s just a simple SQL query.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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