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  • what is the purpose of the last update? We’ve been waiting for an update for months. but you didn’t solve any problem.

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  • According to

    ####2.1.3 - 11.12.2016####
    * Added wp_body_open
    * Added License & Copyright
    * Added unminified Scripts and styles

    And that’s wrong for some reasons:
    – totally wrong date (the file changes have a date of 11.12.2019, which means the update was laying somewhere around for half a year before release)
    – they removed the changelog entry for version 2.1.1
    – readme.txt has itself as version 2.1.2
    – lists the depedencies of html5shiv.js and respond.js but that’s not new nor is it mentioned in readme.txt, too.

    For actual changes from what I could see:
    – header.php has (as they say) that wp_body_open check
    – footer.php has the scroll-to-top as button (was a div before)
    – in style.css mostly image and navbar got :focus selector (only had :hover before). and inc/extras.php got adjusted accordingly
    – inc/custom-header.php got a check for header_textcolor removed
    – tgm-plugin-activation.php changed requirements from kiwi-social-share 1.0.3 to kali-forms 1.2.0

    So yes, they didn’t solved any problem. :/

    my bad, if the modify date of the files is seriously true then my comment is wrong, december 2019 is actually one AND a half year ago before it got released just now and fixed nothing.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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