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[Resolved] What happens when the theme updates?

  • I am new to this game, so basic question:
    I am using a theme, and then I’ll modify it. But, what happens when the theme updates, will all my modifications disappear? Do I have to start from scratch every time?
    Appreciate advice!

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  • If you custom modify the theme then you don’t want to update it. If you still want to update it, then you have to modify each time. since the original author do not include your modification.

    If you are planning on removing the credit tag from the Template author, then I suggest not to do so and go create your own theme.

    If you’re planning to heavily modify the theme, you can consider creating a child theme with the theme you want as the parent.

    That way, when the parent theme updates, it would only affect the original theme and not your customizations would not be affected unless they made drastic changes to the original theme.

    You can read up more about child themes at:




    Thank you, that is so helpful. So, with the child theme, all i need to do is find a theme with the right structure, and then make changes.

    Thank you for your help! I expect you are quite good at this, so i wonder if i can ask you some questions?
    The link you sent me recommend using Sandbox and style it. I tried downloading it, but it says for WordPress 2.0.x. Does it not update any longer? I mean it’s 2.9 that is the latest?
    Also, it says Sandbox is available in 3 column, but i can only find 2 column, where can i find 3 columns, or do i have to do this myself somehow? I would like the website to have 3, so i can easily integrate it with the existing (which has over 6000 html pages, so integration will take years!).
    Anyway, appreciate any help!

    AP, just a few thoughts. I understood your question as when you edited a theme and upgrade WP, what will happen? When you edit default or basic, the themes that come with WP, they will be overwritten, but when you uploaded your own theme, nothing will happen when you update WP.

    As for your last question, since editing themes is nog too easy if you’re not a CSS expert, I suggest you don’t just get a theme because a tuturial mentions it, but look for a theme that comes close to what you need and then start to edit it. In your case, look for a three column theme with the layout that you want and in which you only have to edit a bit of colours, images and perhaps a font.

    Thank you… yes, my question was what happens when i update the THEME… will my customized css disappear.. and the answer is yes, i take it.
    I do know css, but am new to wordpress.
    The article praises Sandbox highly, and says it has a 3-column, which is why i was chasing after this one! 🙂

    For all of you reading this thread. The article above recommended by geraldyeo will get you started:
    And, Sandbox is excellent, all you need to do is import one of the stylesheets in the “examples” folder, and you’ll have a 2 or 3 column layout. Almost too easy!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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