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  • Bill


    I can’t tell you any specifics about your intended setup. You’ll need to dig a little into each of those plugins to know more about their interactions. But in general, I believe they should defer to the WP user table to keep track of who is who. (Pretty sure BP does.)

    WP uses a unique ID# for each user which is auto-incremented, so no one will get the same # as a prior member. I can’t say for sure whether a username can be re-used (I don’t see why not) but the ID# will keep them straight. (When you say ‘a user ID of JSmith’, you need to keep in mind that that is not the ID but the display name or nicename as far as the database is concerned.)

    When you delete a user from WP, you are given the option to assign his/her contributions to another author if desired, or to delete them. Don’t take the above as the final word because I don’t use bbPress or s2Member, but I hope that helps a little bit nonetheless.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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