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  • Hello,

    Can someone please tell me what would happen if I decided to remove or change a category name, while using the /%category%/%postname%/ permalink structure?

    Will the permalink remain unchanged, and still use the original category name?

    Also, same question for if I decided to modify the post title… would the permalink remain unchanged and still work?

    (im guessing i could get fancy with redirects and new permalinks, but right now I’d like to just know what the default scenario would be)

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  • i would like to know as well… couldn’t find an answer in the docs and on this forum (yet, still looking 🙂

    although i’m using /%postname% the idea is the same.

    If you remove/delete a category or a post – any link to those would result a big nice 404 Not found 🙂

    if i understand correctly the URI is taken from the post slug, which doesn’t change when the title changes ?
    so if you update the post slug as well… it works fine again ?

    I said: if you remove/delete – since that was the first question in the OP.

    ok, I started this thread two months ago, and have since gotten to know WP a little better.

    Beee, you’re right it’s the post slug that generates the URI, and it stays the same even if you change the post title. I never experimented with changing the category though but I’d assume the post slug would remain the same in that case too (I opted to use the /%postname%/ permalink structure also).

    Another good thing I found was that if you accidentally (or intentionally) publish multiple posts with the same title, WP will add a number to the slugs of the subsequent posts so that they all have unique URIs.

    jono > thnx but found out shortly after posting.
    noticed the numbering too…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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