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  • Hello guys, I’m trying to debug some very weird errors regarding the links of the social icons, because I noticed some months ago that when I schedule a post, and after it get posted, when you click the Facebook icon to recommend the article, the popup sometimes show another post’s url+title, or maybe the right url+title but a different featured image (taken for older posts!).

    The first I want to know is: when I disable Analytics in the Advanced Settings screen, what will be happening? the plugin will not call home anymore with the clicks every post received?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Marcelo,

    Have you tried the Facebook debugger tool?

    Disabling or enabling Analytics should be completely unrelated. Yes, if you disable Analytics, then the plugin will not report stats on how many clicks, etc each post receives.

    YES! I know! And I’m almost tired of using the Facebook Debugger tool to debug the urls, titles and featured images of my posts.

    Take a minute and let’s understand my work flow…
    I have 3 news blogs where I use to schedule posts, sometimes even a week in advance. All of them use Shareaholic with basicly the same configuration. When I post immediately, there is almost never a problem: your Facebook icon open the FB sharer popup with the right url, title and featured image.
    Given the rush to post, I use the plugin Auto Post Thumbnail to automatically select an image from the post and use it as featured, just in case I forgot to select one, which rarely happens. But when I do, the plugin select a proper image, and it’s understood right away by Shareaholic, posted as og:image and then to Facebook. All ok when I click “Post”.

    But, when I “schedule” a post, even if I use the WP preview option to see if everything is ok, and even if I select the right featured image, 1/3 posts will be informed to Facebook with the incorrect url, or the incorrect title, or the incorrect image, or even with these three params being incorrectly set. If I see the HTML source code for that post, I see that og:image, og:title and so, are misfit. So, I resave the post, go to the darn FB Debugger, and then it corrects the metadata. But the damage is already done: all my readers in Facebook already seen the post with an image coming from a past post, and even worst, if they visited the post before I fix it with the Debugger, if they clicked the Shareaholic’s Facebook icon, they are presented a different post to share, then end up closing the popup because “it doesnt work as expected”. Conclusion: nobody want to share my posts because the shareaholic icon behaviour is misleading and disappointing.

    I deactivated Analytics, and as you said, it’s unrelated and the problem persisted. Today I started testing setting Shareaholic config to NOT include Open Graph metadata, and use the data printed by Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin, which is more complete and detailed. I’ll let you know if it worked better.

    I already abandoned using Shareaholic’s Related Content features as it’s not working well for my contents in spanish. So I turned to nRelate’s plugin, which works as a charm and index the website locally with no harm nor high cpu.

    This is not related to the WP version, since I started seeing this bad behaviour several months ago (you can check it out, I had a similar conversation with Celeste in another topic).

    I’d wish Shareaholic to work well to me, to avoid maintaining a separate plugin, and to keep up the love to this plugin, which I use almost 2 years ago.

    Oh, another question: how frequently does the plugin report stats to your servers? Does it use a cron task for it? How frequently? every 3 hours? every 12 hours?

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    You mention “If I see the HTML source code for that post, I see that og:image, og:title and so, are misfit”. Do you have any other plugins (typically SEO related) that may be setting og:title, etc? Shareaholic Share Buttons are just picking up information that they’re being provided (via og:title, etc). I haven’t seen an issue with scheduled posts with anyone else (yet), which leads me to believe another plugin that you have installed may be acting up. If something else or some other plugin is setting incorrect values for scheduled posts, that’s a problem. Have you tried disabling other plugins to see if this goes away? Note that Shareaholic does not set the og:title tag. It only sets og:image if it’s told to do so.

    Stats are collected in real-time via javascript (very similar to Google Analytics). They do not put any load on your servers and do not use cron.

    ok, I use the Yoast SEO plugin to rewrite titles. I will play with its configuration and see who is writing the wrong titles and images. I obviously cannot have two plugins doing the same, but I need your Facebook icons and their SEO features. Cannot deactivate one or another. So I’ll start by deactivating their (Yoast’s) title rewrite feature, which will make for ugly native titles again.

    As I need to find out what’s causing the bad behaviour, I’ll let you know if I discover a configuration that allow me to work without issues.

    I know, there is no much people scheduling posts, but I really am busy and cannot allow a single day without posting, nor overposting half a dozen posts a day; that’s why I use scheduling a lot.

    Regarding the Analytics function, while that wont let me know specific data about WHO shares the posts, I’m not using it, so I deactivated it.

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    Have you tried this one? Maybe it is better:

    We use this on our own blog.

    Note that we use Analytics to also fine tune sharing buttons, etc automatically. Not the biggest deal to turn off, but if you can, I’d keep it turned on to make full use of the feature set.

    I dont like All In One SEO Pack because of their sitemaps features. It’s not so all-in-one.

    Just to clarify, and allow me to understand how the plugin works, tell me: how does the Analytics feature fine tune the sharing buttons? If I set the buttons to look in a paticular way and use a couple social networks, what else kind of auto fine tuning may apply?

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    fwiw, we use the “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin for sitemaps on our blog.

    Reg. Analytics, for one, the sharing options within the all in one button get customized based on the user and their sharing history. If you don’t have this enabled, it won’t matter.

    In the near future we plan to allow for auto optimization of the share buttons themselves. for instance, if a US visitor visits your site, we would show them services that are popular in the US or been used by them on another sites vs. generic options that may not match their actual usage.

    I used “Google XML Sitemaps” until Q1 2013 but I abandoned it in favor of Yoast’s free plugin to be able to unify features from other SEO plugins, dont depend upon faulty theme SEO features, and get rid of the bugs from a unmaintained plugin. All I can say about my decision: it worked to me.

    Regarding the auto optimization, it will be interesting if it works well. Just be sure to 1) try to no overload our sites with lots of cookies and/or remote JS files, 2) allow WP owners to deactivate it, and 3) fix Related Content feature first to work well for post contents in other languages. This one last is why I deactivated your Related Content feature in all my sites: too much unrelated posts were suggested and confused raised the bounce rate because of it.
    With great power, comes great responsibility 😉

    All in all, the current possibility to set the size and look of sharing icons is the feature I mainly love from Shareaholic 🙂

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