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  • I read a lot reviews about WP plugins on the web. Sad to find out that most recommended are linking to abandoned plugins ?

    Did I miss something this 2015 that is making plugin developers lose the will for WP ?

    Just another great plugin like BJ Lazy Load. Support post and requests not answered in months… Missing updates to new WP releases.

    Is coming the sunset for WP ? Because plugins are indeed what makes WP great, versatile and user friendly.

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  • Andrea, are you a plugin developer?

    Are you donating or paying these developers?

    These guys have no obligation to do what they do. The fact we’re using tens of thousands of lines of code for free, and getting regular updates for that code, is amazing. These guys run on donations and support, not complaints.

    First i don’t need, and neither deserve any sermone about the open source, but let me enlighten you.

    How do you expect ppl donating for an abandoned plugin? 9 Months latest revision, while WordPress keep releasing new versions on regular basis.

    Blogs are giving good reviews on plugins shared here, then a user comes and see an abandoned plugin. I think of those bloggers, (i’m one of them) who credits and recommend, plugins and its authors too.

    I hope you are not a plugin developer having such mindset.

    I wonder if this is the right place for such discussions.

    I see that this is posted as a support topic, because I see the following text under the widget “About this Topic”…

    This topic is not resolved

    Does this even qualify as a support question / topic?

    Edit: Fixed a grammatical error

    Moderator Marius L. J.


    If it’s not a support topic, the authors can tag it as not being so, just like they can resolve it 🙂

    As for plugin update frequency, just because a plugin hasn’t been updated doesn’t automatically translate to “doesn’t work”, many plugins haven’t seen an update in many many years and work as well now (and some times better!) as they did the day they came out (“outdated” is a misused terminology when it comes to plugin health)

    Thanks for clarifying, Marius.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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