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  • Well, I am a part time volunteer web editor for a few hobby clubs and orgs my wife and i are involved in. I haven’t logged in for a few months until today and WOW years of happy web editing gone in a blink…
    Besides trying to rollback my WP install is there a way to make any of this more user friendly?
    Note to the Designers WAY TO MUCH CHANGE in a short time!! My five minute additions are going to takes hours and to make matters worse the look and feel of the pages is changing when i click save!

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    Are you talking about the new Block Editor (Gutenberg)?

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    Install the plugin “classic editor” to return to the old style of editor. You can catch up on the new editor over time.

    I have been reading through these forums and did some google’n, i am SHOCKED!
    Its not really a matter of not liking change, the new blocks thing doesn’t work well at all…
    Back when WP switched to 4 the ultimate tiny mce plugin was killed, darn shame that was an awesome editor!
    This Classic Editor plugin hopefully keeps this community together long enough for the developers to realize the HUGE Mistake they just made!

    @wclune I dont like it either, I am hoping the classic editor install will put things back to the way it was for me also. I understand things get updated and change with technology but this update broke our site and now adding stuff that took 2 minutes is a whole new learning process.

    I did what @sterndata suggested and

    Thank you @sterndata for that info and @wclune for bringing up a possibly touchy subject. I have used wordpress for a really long time and everyone is usually really great. I was afraid to say anything because I did not want to offend anyone and figured it was time for a massive learning curve, but since I dont have to, I dont want to.

    install the classic editor plug like @sterndata suggested and you are back into the easy & thorough way of doing things. With that “block” system thing, I couldnt even figure out how to add a picture to a post.


    It’s good to learn new things but if you don’t like something or it makes you feel uncomfortable then say so. That’s the way the good stuff gets left in and the difficult gets changed.

    I’m thinking the Block Editor will get better yet as time goes by…

    But I love running the Classic editor with the Block Editor as an option. You can configure that in the writing settings page when you run the Classic Editor plugin.

    If you want… when you’re ready… take a look at GoGutenberg for a great tutorial on the new Block editor.

    You might like the plugin to work with your Classic Editor, too. Be sure to read up the documentation on this plugin to understand all it can do for you.

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    OK, this “What happened to wordpress??” is a blog post and this is a pre-defined reply.

    I’m closing this as it’s moved to “blog post” territory and that’s not appropriate for this support forum.

    If you want support for anything WordPress or want to help other people in the community with WordPress, please do so. This whole review section for Gutenberg does have some good feedback, both negative and positive.

    But unhappy people are brigading here to use the reviews to vent in the form of a blog post and that’s not appropriate for a support forum.

    If you wish to blog please do so. Just not on this site.

    If someone has a problem and needs support then please start a support topic. This link will let you do that.

    If you wish to leave feedback and not a rant or blog post about the the new editor then this link will help you do that.

    But again, keep it to feedback. If you blog post there then it will get archived.

    There are many productive reviews there but frankly, too many are “I hate this, it’s horrible!” and that’s just not productive. If anyone wishes to vent that way then I invite them to do so elsewhere. Just not on this site. Everything here is about supporting users, getting support or helping the community with the code on this site.

    I am now closing this topic.

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