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  • I have a technical question about errors my users are receiving on Namely, no one can register as members of their blogs.

    I’d ask it on, but the forum seems to have disappeared.

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  • From what I have gathered, it is being moved.
    Thats why I have been lurking about here, rather then the mu forum.

    About your problem, are blog owners having problems adding users to their blogs? or are people having problems registering as a user and not a blog owner, or are people unable to register blogs? (we really need the mu forum for this becuase I dont know Jack)
    I do know that if people are trying to register as users of blogs and not new blogs, that has been disabled, there is a workaround but it is posted on the mu forum.
    Maybe with a little more info we can figure somthing out, or maybe some mu posters are lurking about and can help.

    You might check , and under the other tab there is an irc channel listed there. I know some members of the board have been lurking around there as well.

    hopefully the board will be back soon.

    For example. When I go to the front page of any member blog and click on “register” I get sent back to

    I suppose I need the workaround.

    Also, some users are finding it difficult to login under their current passwords. I am having to enter new passwords and email the passwords to them.

    It would be darn nice if there was some mention of the sit emove on the main WPMU page. On the other hand, I’m glad someone is paying attention to it.

    Yeah on everything.

    The users trying to register, you will need to the workaround. Unfortunately I dont know what it is.

    The password thing is new to me.

    And me hanging out here, is their punishment for not having the mu board up 🙂
    This board will have to put up with me and my half baked uninformed go nowhere advice.

    Hopefully it will be back soon and the people in the know can get you some help.

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Add me to the waiting list for the MU forums to come back up.

    Bill, do you tick any boxes in the admin, such as “check for invite on signup”? That’ll give the results users are getting when they try to manually sign up. It’s looking for the invite code.

    At least that’s what I think it’s doing. I got it to do that on purpose once on the site I’m running. (not the one listed in my profile)

    Thanks ergate.

    I strongly suspect the password problem is due to newbies forgetting to change their passwords to something they can easilly remember. It’s not a huge problem, as it’s solvable within two minutes.

    I hope my complaint about the forum being down didn’t sound too snarky. I do appreciate the help I receive from the forum and from more experienced users than I.

    Andrea: No. “check for invite” is unchecked. Howsever, I have assigned each member blog seven invites they can send to anyone. I do it to promote the site.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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