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  • Hello

    I’d like to report a very bad and dissapointing bug in WP 2.6.1…

    Just upgrated my WP to 2.6.1 and the list of available templates I’ve created that was visible under pages (in edit mode) totally vapoured out!
    It is not available anymore and I can’t select any template I’d like to use anymore. I suspect it must be a bad BUG since any change of that kind isn’t mentioned anywhere.


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  • Yah, I had this issue also. I am pretty sure this is how I fixed it.

    I removed all of my page templates from the server. Logged out of WordPress, and moved them all back onto the server, in the same place. Logged in and they were back.

    Try that.

    Or wait, maybe that was another fix. Try switching themes, and then going back to your original theme. That can fix it also, for more check out this thread.

    In WP v2.81:
    I modified a template file, and it appears in “Edit themes / Theme Files”.
    I then went to “Edit Page” and found many, perhaps all, named template files in drop down menu at right for choosing template.

    A day later, the ONLY choices which appear in that menu are “default” and “archives”. Changing active theme does not affect this.
    Per threads
    1. Switching themes did NOT work for me 7/6/9.
    And now neither DEFAULT nor CLASSIC will activate, due to errors in header.php.
    2. Removing PAGE templates, log-off, re load templates, log-on did not fix.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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