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    Just downloaded WP 2.1.2 (latest) and couldnt find the rich wysiwyg editor there anymore, just a very basic text area for html. Is it really gone and why is it no longer there?

    Would have needed a rich text editor, but now its gone!

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  • Users -> Your Profile.

    Top check box. Check it and save.

    I’m experiencing the same problem. Please forgive me, I’m not sure by what you mean when you say “Top check box. Check it and save. “

    Please could you let me know. All was well to yesterday and I was trying to figure what changed. Thanks.


    This fixed the problem for me, I found in another post.

    Under your USER profile in the wp-admin, under Personal Options (located at top), make sure there is a check in the checkbox for: “Use the visual editor when writing”

    Not sure how it became unchecked though, strange.

    Thanks!! Feel like a dummy now…I wonder how it got unchecked, though.

    Sorry but the issue is not linked to the “use rich editor” checkbox.

    The box is/was checked and the 2.1.2 update simply breaks the TinyMCE.

    It works fine at first but as soon as you leave the write page or save and continue to edit or swap to code view you will be stuck in Code view forever. Sometimes it helps deleting the cache of your browser but it only helps until you do any of the above mentioned again and it will again stick with the code view.

    This is not a “have you checked the checkbox” issue. It is an issue with the 2.1.2 update.

    How this issue can be set to resolved is beyond me.

    Thanks for notifying, ihad…

    The wysiwyg editor is one of the few things in WordPress that isnt its strongpoint from last time till now.

    Joomla and Drupal are 2 cms with much better working versions of tinymce and fckeditor that doesnt give as much problems.

    I guess I’ll use an external wysiwyg editor and then copy paste the code into the WP editor. Hope the WordPress team can give some short term and long term solutions regarding a good workable, and (not so basic) wysiwyg editor for WordPress.

    IMHO, the wysiwyg editor in WordPress really needs some major overhaul..its long overdue.

    Ya, well there seems to be a related trac ticket # 3882 in the bug db. This issue still persists in the nightly build from 24th of March though.

    Not being funny, but i dont have the check-box that used to be there? How do i get it?

    I think if that box is missing then you have the #3882 bug.

    I think a lot of us are hoping that the final 2.1.3 release takes care of this problem. I played around with the problems I was having with the Vuisual Editor for about a week before I just gave up and decided to wait for a update fix.

    There have been a lot of solutions posted and although some of them have worked for some people, I still have some 2.1.2 installs with the visual editor disappearing. I have come to the conclusion that for me it depends on which host I am using for the site. I have two sites running on identical WordPress installs on different hosts, using the exact same plugins and versions. One of them is working fine with no editor disappearing. The other has the disappearing visual editor problem. To me this means that the problem lies in the way the 2.1.2 install is working within the hosting environment.

    With the one host, I also have 2.1 installs that are having problems with two very important plugins that I really can’t live without. When I activate the plugs, the editor breaks. Come to think of it, maybe I should contact my host support people and see if they have an idea…


    Bummer… I’ve tried it with and without plugins and it doesnt make a difference… However, i’m using the same host, with 3 different installs and it works with the other two, just not this one :S

    That is what is making finding the solution so difficult for me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s a specifc host and sometimes it isn’t. I’m just hoping the update will take care of this.

    The update didn’t take care of it. I still have the problem that the same install shows the rich editor on one hosting account and not on the other.

    Now when will we get a good WordPress wysiwyg? Even though my hosting doesnt give me these problems, I think changing hosts just because “my WordPress cannot display my wysiwyg editor” would be quite extreme. My sympathies, really hope for the day WordPress has a good quality wysiwyg.

    I think changing hosts just because “my WordPress cannot display my wysiwyg editor” would be quite extreme.

    Don’t change hosts just for this. We have one of the best hosts on the Net and it still doesn’t work for us. We click the checkbox, and as soon as we click ‘save’ it becomes unchecked again 🙁 We’ve landed a man on the moon decades ago but we still can’t get a wysiwyg editor working? Weird.

    You know what…not related to the topic, but anyway, the wysiwyg/Rich Text Editor doesnt seem to want to recognize the border tag. I just tried inserting a border and voila, it goes away upon publishing…yeah *weird*…really, (even if you get it to appear).

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