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  • I just don’t believe it. When I started this wordpress project I was really impressed but now I am starting to have doubts. Besides it having what I see as the worst HTML editor around, now when I go to edit or add a new page, my template selector under the attribute section is now gone…vanished into thin air. How the heck can that happen?

    Another problem is when I am in the “Visual Mode” sometime I can drag a pic where I want and other times it won’t budge at all??? Not to mention (as I have in many other thread which never get answered) the HTML is crap. You start typing something and the damn thing jumps all over the place…usually back to the top…and that annoying auto-save causes it to do it to. Also if you have some kind of codes (like iframe) and you accidently switch back to visual mode, POOF…it strips it out???

    This is becoming a struggle instead of being easy as it should be. Am I missing something here??? HELPPPP

    Peace out,

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  • Anybody???

    Ok…I fixed it myself. Yesterday I uploaded a new version of my and I somehow broke the formatting (I think I uploaded in binary instead of Ascii). In any case I uploaded a fresh copy of my stylesheet and the dropdowns came back! Whew…..

    Now if someone can tell me how to fix my HTML problems???

    Hope this helps someone in the future 🙂

    peace out,

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