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  • [Review updated 1st December 2018]

    I’ve been pondering on and dipping and out of Gutenberg development and watching it for some time, even writing code for my own block to see how it all works.

    I totally understand the reason why this 2 year long project has been started by WordPress, the desire to daw in more start users by lowering the threshold skills to be able to use WordPress.

    I actually think Gutenberg does that job pretty well, but to my mind at the moment it’s like stabilisers on a bicycle when learning to ride. The key difference is that as you get more proficient at stabilisers the stabilisers are taken off. But where dose the skill-development curve go once you’ve dragged and dropped in Gutenberg?

    After a while your skills grow and you want something cleaner, faster, simpler – and at the moment that doesn’t exist and you get held back by the editor.

    My great fears for Gutenberg are therefore two-fold:

    1/ It will draw new users, but they’ll quickly get bored or frustrated and move on again,
    2/ Current loyal users for year will feel betrayed and alienated and move on too.

    I really, honestly hope I’m wrong or that the core leads can redirect Gutenberg or perhaps make the brave decision to sideline it. Only time is going to tell.

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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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