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  1. going2
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Do any one knows what happen to agn-solutions.net service.
    Did it change hand. I use them because I found info on this site. Krissy gave great customer service last year when I first sign up.

    I only posted one thing on it and just got side tracked. I was planning on letting it and the domain on it go, But never got an invoice only an email from my pay pal account that I was charged for another year. Ok. I said I will make an effort to do something with this site.

    When I went to log in about a month or so latter to my surprise the account was suspended. I really felt taken and very upset. I wished they would have suspended my account before they took my money. Now I have no site and out of money.

    I asked for a refunded over a week ago and they still have not credit my account or a simple email to offer some type of explanation as to what is going on.

    Did Krissy leave? Or did the service just went down hill?
    Do any one have any ideal as to what I should do now? Or just consider it a lost.

    I not recommend this hosing service now.

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