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  • I am new to Word Press and somewhat new to HTML coding. I am trying to add some code to Garden 1.0 theme. I can’t find the file for the body of the theme. I’m looking for the file that contains this tag:
    </body> tag
    When I had my blog at blogspot, I easily found it there.
    Can someone kindly point me to the correct file? Thanks

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  • Most likely header.php.

    Many themes follow this basic architecture when it comes about putting together the different template files.

    Thank You Moshu, I’ll check that out!!!! I’m constantly learning now.

    I’m back again…I found the <body> tag in the header file but can’t locate the </body>. I’ve looked everywhere even in the footer file. I know it must be some hwere. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    are you SURE its not in the footer? thats where it should be.

    I just looked in the footer and it’s definitely not there. After learning how this works, that’s where I thought it would be. But it’s not. I was going to copy and paste what’s there to show you but it would be 4 full pages and I don’t see but very few tags – none of what I’m looking for. Unless there is some abbrev that I’m not catching….

    OK, never use that kind of themes downloaded from obscure, shitty places (sorry)! They are using a lot of garbage code to fool you to display their hidden advertising links.
    Ditch that theme now! (Or find domebody that would clean it up)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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