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  • I am installing a fresh verion of WP 1.5 and there is no info about what permissions to set the files at in the install instructions.

    Also should I be uploading in ASCII mode?


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Folders 755
    Files 644 except theme files that you want to change with the online editor which should be 666
    ASCII mode is the one, yes 🙂

    ASCII mode for the “text” (.php files, .htaccess and such) files. And binary mode for the images. And usually just uploading the files will be basically set right for cmodding permissions. But I sometimes do whatever to make sure it’s ok. What I find to be easier and that’s just me, is installing it via the Control Panel… Fantastico. Other’s might give a link for more informations about this or maybe even will tell you what gets cmodded what. Like the wp-config should be something “specific” and such. I think 644 or 666 maybe…correct me if I’m wrong.


    Sorry about that Podz lol…was posting just as you were posting I guess. =)

    Yes, the files should be uploaded as ASCII. (I always set my ftp client to automatically recognize files).
    As for permissions, again the default settings usually are OK, but if you want a detailed list, go here:

    Ok so I did everything right then… wierd.

    When I type in the full path where the install.php is located I get redirected to my 404 page.

    I assume WP should be uploaded in my cgi-bin folder.. but it does not say that in the instructions.

    Do I just upload in root?

    Never in cgi-bin!
    If you want it to be the main feature of the site –> in the root. Or, if you want it in folder (e.g. “blog”) create the folder and upload it there.

    That’s the problem then.. lol

    Thanks guys 🙂

    ok I installed it in a folder called blog but did not realize the path to main page would be

    I needed to install in root instead so I reinstalled it script.

    I got a new error.

    I deleted the blog folder before I uploaded into root so wouldint that clear my old db tables?

    It’s exactly as it says 🙂
    Regardless where the files are, both times you have in the wp-config.php file the same database – where it is already installed.
    Just go to admin > Options > General and change the two URIs to reflect the blog’s new position (i.e. )

    UPDATE: Dang I ain’t quick enough lmao! Listen to moshu.. =)

    You appear to have already installed WordPress. To reinstall please clear your old database tables first.

    Just do the last part as it says…clear your old database tables, via the phpMyAdmin or however you have it setup in the main site’s control panel. Or if it’s already installed, just forget about running the install script again, and delete the files for the installation. Go to the control panel for wordpress and change the url to new location. I’m not sure about that, moshu might be able to tell ya better..


    I don’t know what are you doing, realitysamples.
    I could see your blog at the address above (your sitename) – just without the style. The only thing you needed to do was what I posted above. Hope you know what are you doing 🙂
    Now the blog is gone.

    I got it working in the blog folder

    But when I change the url’s in the options (by removing the /blog) and click “view site” i get 404.

    Try just moving them files from the “blog” folder right inside the root directory. Might help ya a little bit. Meaning, what I do is, select all inside the “blog” directory… and move to “outside” that directory via your FTP software, which will or should move it to the root directory..that’s if your site’s link is also changed inside the wordpress control panel to just the without blog on end…(do that first before attempting that though, I’m pretty sure it will work)


    Moshu, correct me if I’m wrong about that…or maybe you have an easier way of doing this lol..

    OK, just calm down 🙂 I know when an install goes wrong nobody really reads the posts here…
    1. You said first there was an installation in the /blog/ folder.
    2. Then you moved the files into the root and wanted to install it again. WP said: oops, it’s installed.
    3. I said: Change the two option and your WP will be in the root (though didn’t say it, I meant – don’t touch anything else)

    If it works, that’s fine. If you’ll decide to move it in the future, read Moving_WordPress.

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