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  • Wp 1.5 seems to be different, or I’m not reading the Wiki properly, but I don’t know what files I need to edit to reorder the categories by ID as adding a new category with an earlier letter in the alphabet moves it to the top.

    Also, I’d like to adda bg image to each different category, so how do I go about doing this? I saw the clockwork orange theme and thought the idea was interesting.

    I know the Wiki isn’t a fullproof guide as everything here’s voluntary, but it does hurt my non-coder brain a lot. Will there ever be a feature to reorder categories from the dashboard itself? Or is there a plugin than can do this?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Because version 1.5 is still in beta, it’s not as well documented because things can change so often. We are waiting for it to be more stable before putting a major effort into documenting it. That said, a lot of work has already been done. Have you checked out ?

    Thanks for the reply NM, but I have checked that, it just doesn’t tell where I can edit it, just what I can do. If you see what I mean? The index.php in WP 1.5 just contains 4 lines of php and nothing else, I’m not sure what file I need to edit.

    Also, don’t suppose you could clear this question for me?

    It’s long, but if someone can just give me a quick and drity guide of what I need to do I can get on with doing it.

    Thanks again

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Firstly, check the index in the themes directory for the theme you have active.

    Secondly, your other post. It’s massive and if I were to answer parts, it would head off with a life of it’s own, and a very complex one at that.

    Install WP.
    Go through your list of wants and desires
    Prioritise it very carefully
    And then we tackle things one by one in order.

    Trying to do multiple questions / answers in one thread does not work.
    Please do not post each issue separately one after the other today – you will swamp the forum and you will be confused – as will we.

    Do the process I suggest above, and we should get there.

    I understand to a point.

    The first point, I checked the Manji index file but couldn’t find it.b Secondly with regards to the massive post, shall i post over there or here? Shall i edit the post, or add to it?

    let me know so I don’t screw up:)

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    ” reorder the categories by ID as adding a new category with an earlier letter in the alphabet moves it to the top.”

    Edit the name of the cat, but put a space before the name. This will cause the cat to rise to the top.
    More cats, use more/less spaces and juggle to get the effect you want.
    Not great, not ideal, but it’s nicer than digging in the database.

    And I would edit it after you have prioritised it.
    If the forum won’t let you, just start a new thread (and if it’s a 1.5 install, the question MUST go into the Beta forum), have a good title and don’t cover too much ground in your topic – that puts people off answering 🙂

    Here’s the thing – I wanted the category to be a title and then sub categories underneath, perhaps on a click, if that makes sense.

    So let’s say:

    parent>Blog: (unclickable, like a heading)
    child>Goat Tips
    child>Hairy Girls


    At the moment the site looks like this

    I have a lot of content, so I’m just trying to figure out how best to include categories. I also have many categories (maybe 15 or more).

    I’m not sure if the category structure is right in my head. I guess clicking would only be relevant to themes that have a menu, which this only has a top navbar.

    So if I create say a static page and link it in the navbar, that shoudl work right? So I have reviews, create a link at the top, it brings the user to the review page, which contains all the reviews, but if the click on a child category, which may be linked as an image, they get reviews for that category?

    Film Music Games Book

    Review X
    This is about….

    Review Y
    Amazing book…

    Would I be better off making everything a parent? Let me know what you think.

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