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What file holds theme version number?

  • This might be a newb question but I have been wondering for some time. When I update my theme I like to only transfer (replace) the effected changed files instead of re-installing the whole theme. This way I don’t have to go edit all my custom changes. But in my dashboard the version number doesn’t change. What file holds the version number? Where does the dashboard get the theme version number from?
    I hope someone understands what I’m doing and wondering.


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  • Roy Ho


    Well first, every theme is different so it can be pulling it from different areas.

    Second, if you’re making changes to the core theme file, that is why you’re having to worry about updates. The correct way is to use a child theme to prevent exactly this.

    I would suggest you look into child themes and more particularly with your theme as some themes have already a child theme folder ready for you and some don’t…

    I’m using Mystile. I only have a few small changes to templates and i have to re-add my code to functions.php and custom.css but it still takes time.

    Roy Ho


    The version number is what is on the main stylesheet as that is where WP is pulling it from and the theme itself may or may not have built-in code that checks the version against a remote server to know if there are updated versions of your theme. As I said, every theme is different.

    But I am failing to see how this is relevant to your issue of custom changes. Because regardless of any version, as long as it is an update from yours, you would still need to port over your custom changes.

    Let me be more clear. Mystile just came out with an update 1.2.9 but only includes/woo-themes.php had changes. So I switched that file with the new one but my dashboard still says I’m using 1.2.8. If I re-installed Mystile completely I would need to add my custom code to functions.php and custom.css and make a few other template changes that I’ve made. I’m trying to avoid that by just updating the changes file but I want my dashboard to say its using 1.2.9.

    Roy Ho


    Ok for that you change it in the main stylesheet. It is right at the top. File name is style.css in the root theme folder.

    That worked! You the man! Thanks a lot

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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