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  • So I’m using wordpress and I’m new to blogging. I got some errors after having created a few pages. I wasn’t able to resolve the errors but I did make a backup of my website. I then deleted and reinstalled wordpress. So the errors are gone, but so are all the pages I created. I want to minimize all the re-writing I have to do, so i’m wondering, it doesnt seem like wordpress creates html files for each page you create, so where can I find the pages I created in my backup? What filenames should I be looking for? Or do I just have to do everything from scratch again.

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  • WordPress is a database based program, so there aren’t any files written with your content. It’s all added to the database. If you reinstalled you most likely deleted your database or rewrote it, so the content is now gone. Did you backup the database? If so you could re-upload it and get your content back that way.

    I backed up the whole website using bluehost’s backup website thing through cpanel. So It ought to be in the database I guess? Any idea which db files contain the text?

    There is no “DB files”.
    You either have backed up the WordPress tables from the database, or you didn’t. If you are not familiar with DB – don’t mess with it: there is no “Undo”.

    If you re-installed WP in the same place, with the same wp-config.php file: everything that was there… now is gone.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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