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    Here is my blog:

    The font size on the toolbar is HUGE- can someone please tell me what file I should edit to make it smaller and maybe use a different font? I am using the default theme. I edited the index, header, sidebar, comments, and single docs to integrate it into my site.

    Also, when you click on the ‘archives’ or ‘categories’, I lose my header and navigation and it doesn’t stay within the content box. Does anyone know which files I should edit for these? Any online tutorials?


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  • hy dilynnring
    to change the font size try edit css line 6

    body {
    font-family:"Lucida Sans Unicode","Lucida Grande",sans-serif;

    change the font-size to around 12px maybe . .

    and for the second question, if i look into archive source code i guess it’s missing div id=”container” to contain div id content and div id sidebar
    so the layout is broken. try copy index.php to archive page.

    and i have one question,why the photostyles3.css is not in theme folder ? it’s best to had all file in one theme folder so its easy to track down…… just my two cent 😀


    Hey Rizaldy-

    Thanks for taking the time to help out. I appreciate it. I was able to fix the archives thanks to your advice.

    I also see how I can change the font size within a blog post… however, I can’t find where I can change all the headers and links. If you look at the sidebar, the headers “archives”, “categories” and “projects” are huge still. There are also bullet points next to them, which I’d love to get rid of.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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