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  • I am nearly finished with an event/gig/concert manager based off of WP, tenatively entitled “EventPress.” To name a few, I have worked in a contact form, modded version of EventCalendar 3, gallery script, additional custom fields and an easy way for users to send in a “review” (if it is a music related website). Before finalizing anything/working on a couple moddified themes, what are some other features you might look for?

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  • hCal, hCard, hReview support (check for details) for the event, contact form and reviews respectively.

    Thanks, i will check that out. Anyone else?



    i think the toughest challenge about using wordpress to manage events is recurring events (every wed poetry slam from october to march) and events that last over multiple days (like month long exhibitions).

    i don’t think wordpress could do it.

    but it would be fine with one-off events, i guess.



    Since we are thinking “out of the box” – a useful calendar would be nice.



    Reoccurring and multiple day events would be nice… I will have to see what i can dig up. I think the author of EventCalendar was looking into this already.

    What, to you, denotes a useful calendar?



    yes, eventcalendar is trying to look into recurring events. i didn’t catch on that you are building yours off of that work. good idea.

    as for other features, this may be entirely obvious, but having the ability to search events (future posts) would be important.

    maybe this isn’t relevant for all but the ability to have type v categorization. because you can have music performance v music festival; and comedy performance v comedy festival, etc. types (festival, performance, exhibition, workshop) and categories (comedy, music, photography, writing)… which could be done with the categories and maybe some kind of folksomony-tagging type tool.



    thanks for the tagging tip…implemented. at this point i’m just getting my hands onto ZenPhoto and integrating it within the admin interface…

    Is the date system just handled by future-dating posts? Or are there new values (in custom fields or something) assigned to the post? I ask because I’d like to use it to back-date posts that cover historical events that took place before 1970 (which is the last year that PHP or MySQL can handle.)

    I’m trying to use WordPress to make a timeline of historical events, where a post describing something that took place on June 1 1912 would automatically be ordered after something that took place on January 2 1543 and before something that took place on June 2 1912.

    Could EventPress accomplish that?

    1) The built-in ability to display a post for “today only.”
    2) Event day and time separate and distinct from the post time.
    3) If you can’t do that, then I assume you will be using future-dated posts, so the built-in ability to use categories to decide how that future-dated post shows up: in “events” it may only show up in a calendar, while in “news” it may show up right now.
    3)Multi-day events, of course.
    4) and while we are at it how about a way to see not just the day-of-the month view, but also an hour-of-the-day view as well?

    I can’t wait to start using it!

    – edit –
    this was stupid, I didn’t read the whole thread.

    marksbrain –
    note PHP time() (which is linux-style) is the limiting factor. mySQL DATETIME fields can store any date AD. You could ‘hack’ things if you aren’t using it as a ‘live blog’ EVER, and store everything as based with a date offset (say 2000 years, just for argument) — so 1543 become 3543 in the db (effectively), but for display you rewrite the date…

    Hey Amory: I tried to contact you through your blog but the contact page doesn’t seem to be working. If you’re looking for more feedback about future updates to EventPress, let me know. I’ve had an event calendar running off of MovableType since late 2002 so this is something I’ve thought about a lot over the years. I’ve been wanting to move the site to WordPress but never found the right plugins, etc to make it possible. Here’s my contact page if you want to conspire:


    Still there?

    I’m thinking (searching in/out WP) for a 3-level access to the events calendar:
    -user: who can comment, rate & report bugs on events
    -editor: who can post an event (showing its name) and will be moderated by user ratings
    -admin: as usual, gets over editor permissions, posts & comments

    On top of the ‘user features’ I agree with the need of having recursive dates, several days events and different categories to be found within the calendar.

    For all these ‘date features’ I believe it should be kept appart the ‘posting date’ from the ‘event date’, making extensive use of WP Custom fields, instead.

    I may be implementing some event application for a client in a month time. I’d love to have it integrated within WP-2.0 and wouldn’t mind to help if needed to deploy it.

    Too many features? You asked for it 😉

    Thanx for any efforts done,


    have you made this plugin?

    I am very interested in it and have googled for the plugin but havent found anything.

    I don’t know if you are familar with the myspace events feature but it would be great if there was a plugin using these features that you can enter all the details in their own fields via the backend

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