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  • Hi everybody,
    I am struggling with the child thme for the Evolve theme for the last few days.
    The problem is, that I can’t get the base.css of the child theme to be recognised. The author of the Evolve thme doesn’t want to help.
    What exactly should I add in the style.css of the child theme?
    My child theme is in the folder evolve-child.
    I have this in the style.css of my child theme:

    Theme Name: Evolve Child
    Theme URI:
    Description: Child Theme Evolve
    Author: Johanna Ouwerling
    Author URI:
    Template: evolve
    Version: 1.0

    @import url( ‘../evolve/style.css’ );

    Then I have placed the header.php, the functions.php, the content-blog.php, the index.php and the folder library in the child theme folder.
    I changed all those files except the functions.php, but I thought the functions.php should be there too. Is that correct?

    My main problem is, that I can’t get the files from the library folder to work. In it is an important css file.(base.css) And my site doesn’t load that.
    Should I include the path to this folder somewhere and where?

    The js from the library folder isn’t working either, but I managed to get that to work by placing that folder directly in the child theme folder. Next to the index.php etc.

    The only way I can get the css to work is when I insert it in the admin of the theme. The author created this possibility in the wp admin.
    But I don’t know if when the author updates his theme, I loose all my changes.
    I have the child theme activated now and it works alright.
    I hope somebody understands what I am writing here.
    My main question also is, how can I get the css inside the library folder to work?
    My website is here:


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