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  • Installed and now setting up Flickr API version 0.1.7

    I typed in my Flickr API Key (it is a long string of numbers and letters)
    Secret – I left it blank
    Flickr username: Not sure exactly what it is. It can be either the username I login with to Flickr, or the funny user ID that has numbers then @ in it. Or my Flickr screen name?

    what ever it is I don’t think I am getting it right because when I go to edit the page and click on the Flickr icon near the Add Media button I only get errors when I click on Collection or Tags.

    Any suggestions?

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  • I figured out on my own with a little trial and error that the Flickr Username that worked for me with this plugin is what Flickr calls the Flickr Screen name which I found here:

    I found out that if you input your Flickr screen name into the settings form for this Flickr API plugin then it will automatically fill in the NSID for you, and that is how you can tell if you got the settings correct.

    Now the unfortunate thing is the screen name can be easily changed by clicking the edit button next to screen name when you are logged into your Flickr account.

    I thought maybe this would break all the short codes I had entered, so I tried changing my Flickr screen name and it did not break any short code I had already made, but it did break the Flickr API editor helper next to the Add Media button. It could no longer find the TAGS etc. easy fix though: just enter the new screen name at the top of this window, and it will find the TAGS etc now.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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