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    I changed my blog to the login to post for a few days, due to a large amount of spammers.

    I noticed that a few spammers had decided to register and when I went to edit them, noticed “no role for this site” under the edit user portion.
    Is there anything that this role does?

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  • mrmist


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    Yes, it gives users no role for a site. Which is useful for, say, multisite.

    Thanks Mrmist. SO it is great to use it when you have a spammer who registered for the site?



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    Erm, assuming you don’t just remove the spam account, yeah you could do that.

    Thanks! It just temporary anyways. I removed them, but was curious! Thanks!

    Trouble with deleting an account is that the offender may use the very same email address to register again. That’s one of the downfalls of WP. Would setting the account to no role do the same trick as banning?

    MultiSite you can mark users as spam.

    Setting the account to no-role WILL have that same effect.

    You may want to consider and put the known morons in that list, to stop them from registering at all.


    I run several blogs where I would rather not delete bloggers that are no longer writing for us. I started using “No role for this site” so I could keep their articles intact, and prevent them from being able to log in, without having to delete the author and transfer the articles to another author.

    Is this a good way to use this role?


    You may as well set them to subscribers at that point. They can log in, comment, but do nothing else. I don’t even think they can edit their own posts.

    Ok, but “No role for this site” works as well, if I don’t want/need them in the “Subscriber” role?

    Thanks again

    It may have weird issues if they try to comment on your site. Can’t remember off the top of my head.

    Those that leave comment on our sites, don’t have a Subscriber accounts, we use Disqus for our comment system.

    My main concern is that we don’t lose the articles, and that past bloggers can’t log into the site.


    Oh well, if you’re using Disqus, you’re fine 🙂

    Ok, so I assume it’s ok to use the “No role for this site” in place of deleting bloggers, correct?


    Yep. It’ll disable the account, basically.

    You can make your own secondary account, set it to no role, and see for your self.

    Ok, thanks! 😀

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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