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    I had no idea there were two different wordpress’s. So it turns out I am a blogger but thought that I was a blogger.

    Anyway, I read this about the .org blogging and wanted to find out exactly what it means.

    “Hosting your own WordPress software can be fun and rewarding; it also places full responsibility on the blogger. If you mismanage your web server, you can lose your entire blog.”

    So, does that mean that I could write a wrong letter in the html and stuff everything up so I lose it? Or that I if I go against the terms and conditions of my host they could delete me.

    I am so new to this stuff, and I am so confused on a daily basis about how to do things and where to start so it would be incredibly easy for me to make a mistake. Do I have a backup of my material? I have been blogging for nearly a year now and it’s my pride and joy. I would just hate to lose anything.

    If I do have a back up, is it something I need to do manually. Is there a “blog restore” sort of thing so if I do stuff up it can be recovered.

    If I don’t, can one be created?? If yes, how.

    So many questions. I am just so lost and don’t want to lose anything but at the same time want to have control over my blog, even though I am new and learning.

    Thanks. Sorry, that was long winded!

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  • is a place where you can blog and they ( worry about everything else for you such as backups and updates. is the organization that provides you with the WordPress software. To use that software you need to purchase a hosting plan and then install the softwere, keep current backups, keep updated etc. T

    I think I figured this out but need to make sure because I worry now that I might lose my blog via a simple beginner’s mistake.

    My main concern, as stated above, was that it said with a blog, which I have (I have a host and all that, it’s all set up and running)I could lose it if I made a mistake.

    So I wanted to know about BACKUP’s.

    I went to my control panel through HostICan and did a back up there.

    Is that what I should be doing a couple times a week to make sure I don’t lose too much if I do make a boo-boo. And where is the best place to save that file to?? In my FTP program or on my computer? Or with the host??

    I know I’ve been all over the boards with question’s lately and I must be getting annoying. But that did not in any way address my actual questions.

    Two things to backup in WordPress, your WordPress files and your WordPress database.

    WordPress Backups has details…

    thank you.

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