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  • Hey there I’m an s2member user and just came across this plugin however I noticed there’s not really much description about what it does. Also noticed very little (or non) downloads I guess people may not know what the plugin is about so expanding on description could be helpful and help you get the plugin known.

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  • Have you tried the S2Member Website? There is a customer support forum as well as documentation and a knowledge base.

    Thank you, is this the link you are referring to: ?

    Or did I missed some more info about it? I’ll try the plugin, sounds really helpful so I’ll try it out just wanted to learn more about it so if you know of other links in s2m site please share them.

    Thank you.

    BTW just got this FATAL ERROR after installing it:

    I’ll be happy to provide more info privately if you’ll like to troubleshoot the issue, it just called my attention that site brake after installing the plugin. Once plugin is not active site is back to normal.

    Strangely you’ll noticed that error talks about but theme is not actually theirs so that is strange 🙁


    In the root of the link that I provided, there should be many resources if you click on the Support Docs drop down. The Knowledge Base in particular has How-to guides that you might be able to explore to figure out how the plugin works. It is strange that the error talks about What theme are you using?

    You might be able to find someone to troubleshoot for you through WP Jobs since volunteers for the forums are not allowed to accept work here at all.

    Best of luck!

    I’m using catalyst theme. I use few plugins from ithemes and in that site we are using a few so that’s strange…

    Oh about link to forum yes I’ve noticed I’m taken to the forum I just wondered if you meant specific info about your plugin I just don’t find any documentation on how it works 🙁

    Actually within the S2 Member Framework page, there is a listing of the features for both the Pro and the free versions. Towards the bottom of the screen, there are videos with tutorials. Here is a link directly to the video tutorials S2 Member Videos.

    I guess my point about the forums was to suggest posting your question there as well since it is more specific to the plugin. It doesn’t appear that anyone else has responded to your posts here. I believe that it is because they moved the S2 forum directly to the S2 member site.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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