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    Hi Malaiac,

    First, thank you for this plugin. Looking forward to using it in combination with bulk translate!

    I have been looking through the topics but can not find a clear answer.

    What multilingual plugins are supported rightnow?
    I see Polylang and Qtranslate compatibilities are planned. Is that correct?

    What editor is supported?
    I see classic and Gutenberg are currently supported. Any other compatible editors?

    If I want to set-up a website with Multilingual support, what plugin and editor do you recommend using right now?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

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  • Plugin Author Malaiac


    That’s a trick question.
    Managing editors is half the work on this plugin. Add in multilingual plugins, and that’s a lot of configurations.

    While not declaring full compatibility with any specific setup outside of the basic monolingual classic or gutenberg, it seems that people have good success using Polylang.
    Polylang has always been the main multingual target for my plugin, and I intend to work on reaching 100% compatibility this winter. I’ve already discussed with the Polylang team and they gave me a full business license to test on it.

    Some people are using WPML. While WPML has recently announced DeepL support within their plugin, I guess it’s a paid option. I’m not a big fan of coding or marketing practices of WPML so I won’t spend too much time on it.

    The batch translate (paid) extension helps with complex editors, since it just fetch the content from database and reinjects it, only limited by current state of DeepL tag management.

    Summary : Polylang + classic/gutenberg is a good choice (and I will try my best to fix any issues on this configuration)

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    Thank for your quick answer and the explenation.

    I will be looking at Polylang and classic/gutenberg as a choice for new websites.

    Currently WPML has a paid option for DeepL but it is very expensive in comparison to the DeepL API plan.

    Do I understand correctly that the Batch translate extension has the least problems when using a different editor then classic/gutenberg?

    Plugin Author Malaiac


    Yes. The batch translate action (even for one post) fetchs the content straight from the WP DB, alleviating any editor/javascript/complex layouts issues.

    Thread Starter joriseven


    That is great. Thankyou.

    Is it possible to use the batch extention on more than one website?

    @malaiac I’m a huge fan of DeepL translate (I haven’t found so far more accurate translations). I’m considering getting “Traduction DeepL par lots WordPress” (the pro version of the DeepL WP plugin). Since I’m also considering getting Polylang Pro, I just want to make sure of something before: “Traduction DeepL par lots WordPress” allows to bulk-edit content for pages, posts, etc. Does it also allow bulk-edit “listings”?

    I have a directory for which I do not write “posts”, but “listings” created with WP Job Manager. Is “Traduction DeepL par lots WordPress” compatible with WP Job Manager?

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

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