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  • Anthony C.


    1. “You have the WooCommerce Admin plugin activated but it is not being used.” What does it mean? How to “use” it? How to remove this message? It is wired and there are no actionable tips.
    2. What does this plugin do?
    I compare side by side with and without this plugin installed, and it is completely the same?! The “Analytics” section is still there without this plugin and everything looks the same.
    Am I missing something?

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  • Thread Starter Anthony C.


    I did some research and in this thread, it says “WooCommerce Admin featured plugin is now merged and included in WooCommerce core in version 4.0.0.”
    I am running WooCommerce 5.X… does it mean everything about WooCommerce Admin plugin is already there?
    I wonder why there is not a single word about this in the plugin description.



    Yeah since included in core, please display it in bold on top of this plugin page, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense and creates confusion!!

    Thank you!

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