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    Does this actually reserve products or just show a timer? I’ve tested and once the timer expires, the items are still in the cart. Is this because no one else has added to cart. Stock doesn’t go down when added to cart, so its not actually holding the stock. I tested with 2 users, one adding the entire quantity to the cart. The 2nd user was still able to add to cart.

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  • Plugin Author Morgan Hvidt


    Hi @benh2142

    WooCommerce itself doesn’t reserve stock in the cart quite yet, though it is coming with the new checkout block in the WooCommerce Blocks plugin.

    Checkout Countdown doesn’t add any stock reservation features either. It’s a countdown that you can pair with your setup. E.g. WooCommerce Bookings does reservse booking slots in cart and so does some ticket plugins. In those cases Checkout Countdown works well together, when set to the same time limit. It’s also used in ways I didn’t predict, like people use it to periodically refresh gold prices in cart.

    With that said, I do plan on further integrating Checkout Countdown the new WC stock reservation features. I wrote a blog post that explains how the reservation works. https://puri.io/blog/reserved-stock-in-woocommerce-4-3-explained/

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