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  • Plugin Author Mike Koepke


    You are correct and that would be the case. By default the plugin only processes the content of a post and page area. You can expand that to text in standard WordPress text widgets with the second box. Typically you would add supplemental site content in these text widgets in your sidebar.

    If you want to process all links of the site including any sidebars widgets, footer areas and such, you would use the first option, Apply Globally.

    Having said that, it does not always work 100%. Sometimes not every theme or plugin plays with other plugins. Typically it requires some troubleshooting to see what is going on. I would need the link to the site where it is running.


    Thank you for your prompt response mike!

    First, great plugin you little genius!

    Secondly, these are the settings i have so far settled with;

    My website currently has demo content but will be full of content like the “santa post” with instagram embeds and lots of external links so your plugin is exactly what’s needed.

    From what i can tell there are no adverse side affects from the settings selected.

    few questions though;

    1. does apply to text widgets option need to be selected when apply globally is selected still or does apply globally supersede the text option as it apply external links nofollow globally which would include text widgets also?

    2. am i correct to assume that Treat Subdomains as Local means treating subdomains as internal links (local) when ticked?

    3. Exclude HTML Code Blocks – why would you wish to exclude html code blocks that contain external urls?

    Sorry for all the question, i am just one of the engineer types that will wish to know every little detail about the processes behind a plugin that i will be running on my site.

    Thanks 🙂

    Plugin Author Mike Koepke


    1. Correct. Improved UI would be that second option is disabled if you enable the Apply Globally.

    2. Yes. A link to is treated as an internal/local link on http:\\

    3. There were a few people using it on sites with code examples on it. so if you wrote html example code and had an <a href="http:\\"> it would get processed.

    No problem. All good questions.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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