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  • It means that the user passed all tests. It appears when you test yourself from the settings page.


    I am curious about in
    “2013/05/16 02:10:41 x.x.x.x maxxxel /get-free-account/(49) passed”

    What does the (49) mean?

    BTW 280 spam reg stopped so far! Nice. Only 1 or 2 a day get thru so they MUST be real people!?

    Thanks for awesome plugin!

    the number in the parentheses is the seconds it took to fill out the form. I put that in for debugging and never took it out since it seemed informative.

    Spammers hit my site from time to time who follow all the rules and are not on the spam dbs. Their behavior will give them away so that you can report them.

    My stats at shows more than a quarter of a million spammers stopped since I wrote the first version.


    Ok that is cool and useful these must be real people then bc I notice most of what is caught is for time of less than 4sec. I added their ip to my b-list bc they were from France and then few hours but from instead of x.x.x.0 it was x.x.x.1 so they were able to up the last digit of ip…strange so must be bad so added both to ip b-list.

    Is there a way to only allow certain emails bc I have local site @ newcastle19720 .com and only want local members. Maybe I could only allow email address from instaed of a not allow list where I would have to list all the ones I dont want I could just allow the ones I want. Like a “only allow list” or only allow USA.

    Is there any info on why these people go thhru all this trouble for an account that never get action?

    Also (sry) is ther any way to put the min time limit to more than 4? bc mine wont save if i put to 7-8…it goes back to 4 when i save.

    Thanks again.

    I like the ideas for a “only allow list” for local sites / intranets and allowing for more flexibility in the minimum time limit for posting. For a site that welcomes only longer, well-though comments, it may be reasonable to set a longer minimum time limit to ensure that spambots with a 5-sec time-delay won’t pass.

    I’ve also wondered why would spammers create accounts if they don’t subsequently use them for posting. I had that issue at one point. Perhaps they were just a test. Perhaps NoSpamNX caught their spam regardless of being logged in.

    “Stop Spammers has stopped 69050 spammers since 2013/05/13.”

    so far so good but am afraid to goto 3.6 yet so I will wait a week and see if anyone has issues.

    Love this plugin!

    When our blacklist gets long can it help to remove and add to httaccess:
    “deny from xx.xx.xx.xx.”
    Will it speed up thing not having to read thru a long blacklist?

    For sure, add the deny in htaccess. My htaccess was several pages long once, but I don’t use it anymore because my websites are also test beds for my plugins.

    There are websites where you can download htaccess files to deny the latest hot spam ip addresses. I think that I even saw a plugin that regularly got the latest list and put it in the htaccess file.



    I wish someone would make a plugin that would deny by country. That way we could block RU,CN and the other usual suspects. I have a few amazon sites to make $$ and my “zone” is N. America so If someone in another Country bought i would not make commission. Plus the admin login attempts and spam mostly come from the same places.

    It would save a lot of space in the htaccess file but it prob hard bc each ip has to be looked up and checked. Sometimes it can get it wrong.

    Maybe someday!

    I wrote a deny by country plugin a while ago, but the problem is that the IP table to look it up is several megabytes. This makes it unreasonably large so I stop developing it. If could not find an easy way to do it.

    I was going to make a bunch of plugins by country so people could use a deny China or deny Russia plugin, but even these were huge. I even tried to make a deny all except US, but US has a large number of IP ranges.


    How hard would it be to incorporate the GeoLite database from Maxmind into Stop Spammers?

    Sort of like what this plugin does:

    FYI, WP SlimStat includes a geo database by MaxMind. Many users are willing to trade off a few megabytes of disk or DB space in exchange for proper statistics, and the same would apply to being able to keep your spam counts down in a crude but efficient way.

    Ideally that DB should be included in a separate plugin, which would then be utilized by any other plugin. If someone would take the initiative, they could get the credits for making a popular that shouldn’t be too hard to maintain.

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